So it all began in the bearing sea what was left of Super Typhoon Hayain. So on December 17th 2017 the NWS in Achcorage Alaska started tracking a winter storm about 350 miles from Achcorage . December 18th The NWS Achcorage puts up a winter storm advisory for 3-6" of snow possible. December 19th The now what so called bombogensis storm hits with such force that it alters the jet stream so it dips well in the The southern USA. December 20th 4 days til land fall in the lower 48 states. So the NWS in Achocorage sends out a satellite image of the storm to the northern NWS so NWS SLC NWS PORTLAND NWS SEATTLE NWS CHICAGO NWS NEW YORK CITY. December 21st The storm undergoes another bombogensis it hits Alaska with 36"+ of snow. December 22nd The storm exits Alaska and heads for the lower 48 The NWS in Salt Lake City issues a Blizzard Warning. December 23rd This storm is a monster storm. The storm is supposed to make landfall later that night. The nws in portland puts up a winter storm warning. December 24th (Christmas Eve) heavy snow justs pound Portland. Portland sees up to 24" of snow. Seattle see only 1.8" of snow. Christmas Eve night The storm moves in to Utah around 4:45 pm MST. Heavy snow and wind create a storm for the record books. 7:35 pm MST Some areas in Utah have already seen 18" of snow but the storm is not done yet. Santa comes 12-2 am MST We can now call this storm a blizzard wind gusts are 35+ visibility is less than 1/4 mile the duration is 8 hours. December 25th (Christmas Morning) 6:35 am MST the peak of the storm is 10 am to 10 pm so 14 more hours til the lighter snow comes. Christmas Day 11:45 am The storm bombs out over Ogden Utah. Christmas Afternoon to Christmas Evening The snow is really coming down hard in northern Utah some area has seen over 30" of snow. Christmas Night Christmas is coming to an end the storm is winding down in Utah. December 26th The storm impacts the midwest area with a wide swath of snow 30" or more. December 27th the whole storm is winding down the pressure is 989 Mbrs by evening the storm is supposed to move of shore and dissipate.

Utah 38.6" Perry

Wyoming 37.4" Chyanee

Colorado 35.2" Mead

Kansas 30.5" Salina

Missouri 29.6" Joplin

Minnesota 39.3" St. Pual and Minneapolis

North Dakota 40.1" Bismarck

South Dakota 23.4" Souix City

Idaho 36.4" Idaho Falls

Washington 12.7" Walla Walla

Orgeon 23.5" Portland

Cali 78.5" South Laje Thaohe

Illinois 40.0" Chicago

Wisconsion 43.3" Green Bay

Michagn 20.5" Detroit

Penn 17.7" Punxata

New York 12.4" New York City

Con 10.2" Hartford

RI 5.4" Johnston

Mass 1.3" Boston