(Disclaimer: December 29th is at top. D
US Wind Chills

December 30th The Arctic Invasion Has left the station of the Arctic. The Polar Plunge has scooted eastward just a titch and the coldest temperatures are in the Midwest states Where a large population of 9.8 Million people are -10 and below from eastern co to western ohio

ec 26th is below Dec 29th and Dec 30th is above Dec 23rd and DEC 24TH IS BELOW DEC 26TH)
Cold Temps

December 29th The Arctic Invasion is in full swing some high temperatures -35F in Peter Sinks, Utah and Low Temperatures of -85F in the same place


December 23rd 2017 Winter Storm Erick Slams into the west coast

2011 Groundhog Day Blizzard NOAA

December 26th Major Winter Storm Erick Slams the Midwest a large swath of 36"+ of snow from Joplin ,MO to Detroit, MI

West Coast Winter Storm - IR

December 24th 2017 winter storm Erick combines with a weak winter storm and creates a blizzard for christmas day

Winter Storm - IR (1)

December 25th Utah gets slammed by Major Winter storm Erick with Perry Utah coming up at 45.8" of snow


December 27th Major Winter Storm Erick Becomes a Major Nor'Easter and Drops 36"+ of snow from DC to Boston

Arctic Blast

December 28th A Extreme Arctic Invasion Comes in right behind Winter Storm Erick