Winter Storm Ferus
Extreme Blizzard (TGMC)
Xanto 2018-04-13

Ferus at peak intensity while over the Central and Northern Plains.

Formed December 24, 2021
Dissipated December 28, 2021
Peak Gusts 73 mph
Top Snowfall 76"
Pressure 984 millibars
Total damages $750 million (2021 USD)
Total fatalities 0 direct, 22 indirect
Areas affected Sierra Nevadas, Rockies, Great Plains, South, Great Lakes, Northeast
Part of the 2021-22 United States winter storm season

Winter Storm Ferus was a very strong winter storm that trekked across the United States around Christmas in 2021. The storm was the strongest of the season in terms of top snowfall. It produced a top snowfall of 76", brought high winds in excess of 70 mph, and also some ice accretions were reported. Ferus was the worst winter storm in the Plains since Winter Storm Lucian in the 2018-19 season.

Meteorological history

A large extratropical cyclone moved into the United States through Oregon, taking a path that followed the jet stream through the US. The system produced traces of snow in the Sierra Nevadas, with small ice accretions involved. As the system moved north, it expanded and became a named winter storm, where very high snowfall totals were reported through December 24 and 25. On the back of the system, tornadoes were being reported. The pressure on the system deepened to 984 millibars on December 26, while over the Great Plains. Snowfall totals of around 15-20 inches with blizzard conditions were reported in the region. In the state of Oklahoma, both tornadoes and snow was reported in different regions of the state. The system swept through the Great Lakes on December 27, bringing snowfall totals of over 1 foot, and very high winds. On December 28, the system moved into Canada where the pressure deepened to 968 millibars, moving off to Greenland.

Confirmed tornadoes

7 3 2 1 1 0 0

December 25 event

List of confirmed tornadoes - December 25, 2021
Duration (UTC)
EF0 Floydada 1944-1946 A weak tornado touched down in Floydada, where houses sustained minor siding and gutter damage. A few trees were uprooted. Floydada High School also sustained minor damage, with busted windows due to debris battering the building.

December 26 event

List of confirmed tornadoes - December 26, 2021
Duration (UTC)
EF1 S of Marlow 1317-1320 Another weak tornado destroyed outbuildings, uprooted trees, and damaged homes.
EF3 N of Alma to Tatmus 1500-1511 A very high-end EF3 tornado tracked through Central Oklahoma, completely destroying 2 homes in the countryside before striking Ratliff City. In Ratliff City, dozens of frame homes damaged or destroyed in the area. Several of the homes were swept away with only the subflooring left behind. A motor home was also lofted 30 ft (10 yd) and overturned. Additional trees were snapped or uprooted as the tornado left Ratliff City. As the tornado neared Tatums, at least 20 homes, barns, and outbuildings were significantly damaged. When the tornado did finally enter the town of Tatums, it had weakened into a rope tornado and lifted. In Tatums, the strongest damage caused was to a home that sustained significant damage to its roof, and was pushed slightly off of its cinder block foundation. This was the strongest tornado of the outbreak.
EF0 E of Katie 1533-1534
EF0 SW of Hennepin 1549-1550 A brief tornado uprooted trees.
EF1 W of Springer 1905-1907 Numerous trees were uprooted, along with few destroyed outbuildings.
EF2 S of Idabel 2301-2311 A high-end EF2 tornado touched down, heavily damaging numerous homes and trees. Power poles were snapped, homes had their roofs completely removed, and mobile homes were completely destroyed.