Winter_Storm_Timeka is a Category 5 Extreme

Winds : 126mph

Gusts : Almost 150mph

Snowfall : 10 feet

Areas impacted : Pennsylvania , West Virginia , New York , New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ireland

Power outages : 712,000 in Pennsylvania , 1 million New York , 201,000 New Hampshire , 890,000 West Virginia, 590,000 in Vermont

Date : January 2nd 2018

Pennsylvania had 100mph winds reported from Winter Storm Timeka , Because of 87mph winds in West Virginia a gas station roof collapsed , Due to 110mph winds in Vermont power was knocked out to the affected areas and in New Brunswick trees were uprooted or had significant damage. Upstate New York had 105 Mph winds causing many trees to fall and get buried under snow or damage buildings.