DAY 1 REGGIE: 3 disturbances form off the coast of the channel islands

DAY 2 REGGIE: The disturbances combine into 1 and Reggie dumps 36 Inches of snow in the sierras

DAY 3 REGGIE: Winter storm Reggie is officially named the 18th storm of the season dips deep in to Austin Texas and dumps 1 foot of snow 5 die of hypothermia

DAY 4 REGGIE: Reggie dips into the gulf and dumps a half of snow is dumped across Cuba and Florida

DAY 5 REGGIE: Reggie bombs out to 960 millibars off the coast of Florida affects in NC, VA, and SC are Small 29 die of carbon monoxide poisoning in Cuba 12 in Florida

DAY 6 REGGIE: Reggie Bombs out more to 912 Millibar

DAY 7 REGGIE: Reggie bombs out to 888 Millibar dumps up to 2 feet in the Mid Atlantic

DAY 8 REGGIE: Reggie's limits dump up to 3 feet in Coastal NH

DAY 9 REGGIE: Reggie makes it to Cape Cod dumps 1 foot of snow

DAY 10 REGGIE: Reggie dump up to 10 feet in parts of Coastal NH

Austin Texas Exeter NH Phili PA Havana Cuba
17 Inches of snow 13.7 Feet of snow 2.7 feet of snow 23 inches of snow
31 MPH winds 124 MPH winds 97 MPH winds 47 MPH winds
996 MB 872 MB 894 MB 972 MB