The winter storm season of 2017-2018 was powerful and destructuvie

1st named storm the surprise winter storm on the 4th of July

Winter Storm Alice: Winter storm Alice was certainly on e for the record books it started from an artic upper level low that Alice formed . June 30th 2017 Alice was in its beginnings Alaska had 3-5" of snow along the coast Alice dump 5-8" of rain in Valdez . July 1st Alice begins to strengthen over the gulf of Alaska air pressure is 995 mb. July 2nd Alice hits junea ak with snow totals up to 3" in some areas. Jul 3rd Winter storm Alice slams into the west coast the cascades get plastered with 2' or more of snow. July 4th Independence Day it slams into Utah with heavy snow some area pick up 35"+ of snow jackpot 36.4" in Perry Utah. July 5th the storm moves on to the Midwest where Chicago gets slammes with heavy snow and wind Chicago gets 40.4" of snow. July 6th Alice moves towards the east New York City braces for 44.5" of snow. July 7th Alice moves off the east coast. Alice heaviest snow total Boston, Ma 45.8" of snow Peak winds 100 mph Ogden peak Utah Peak strength 910 mb Perry Utah

Winter Storm Brycen: Winter Storm Brycen forms from superstorm sean 2 days after Sean hits the east coas. Winter Storm Brycen pulls up moisture from the atlantic and the gulf of Mexico. The system moves up the east coast North Carolina gets slammed with blizzard conditions one place in N. Carolina had up to 50" of snow.